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With the aim to provide to its customers always a more complete service and be able to deliver group of parts and not only single part, Sacel is equipped with an assembly department with automated lines, completely designed and produced by a dedicated Sacel team, which is able to capitalize in the best way the technologies available: they are laser welding and TIG welding.

The types of operations that better represent the assembly process are laser welding and TIG welding. For these two technologies Sacel has set up dedicated working stations where it is exclusively performed the assembly of parts that require this kind of process. Each stations, according to the type of manufacturing, is supported by dedicated tools which enable Sacel to get the best from the technology by increasing the productivity and offering in this way an excellent price/quality ratio.

Sacel is furthermore able to make the manual assembly of some products. This kind of manufacturing process is used mostly for simple parts which do not require a high control and automation level and often are just to completion of more complex production process.

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