Company Policy

The Sacel Group’s direction, fully aware of its role and its responsibilities in the frame of an economical and social community, supports the company Policy as a tools to define the commitments for the continuous improvement of the targets: maximum Customer’s satisfaction grade, quality development, prevention, reduction of the environmental impact, improvement of the safety and health of its workers, with the interest of all involved Parties.

With the realization of its private Quality System, Sacel intends to pursue the listed targets.

The technical specification IATF 16949:2016 and the norm UNI EN ISO 14001 have been chosen as essential tools to guarantee and improve continuatively the quality level of the company with the aim of a complete fulfillment of the requisites.

Therefore the company is willing to meticulously respect all laws, applicable norms and any possible undersigned requisites, to improve its quality and environmental performances, to prevent pollution, to elevate the quality of the work places, to grant the

safety and health of its workers, of its customers and of the people living in the countries and land where it works.
In this frame, the Quality/Environment Managing System is committed to:

  • Focus on its activities and targets towards Customers/Environment
  • Align itself to the international vision of the General Direction
  • Make of its competences and motivations the most important tools for company’s success
  • Standardize the procedures and the methodology which resulted to be more effective
  • Reduce scraps and wastes minimizing risks and fight for profits
  • Guarantee
    • Respect of all norms and laws applicable on its activities
    • The integration of the suppliers in the company and group team in order to enhance their technological growth in order to give the Customer a constant development of products and services.
    • The progressive reduction of pollution sources
    • The improvement and prevention in the frame of pollution
    • The reduction and optimization of natural sources and energy consumption
    • The use of process for production of goods that do not represent a thread for the environment and the health of the workers
    • The managing of industrial waste minimizing the waste creation and optimizing the recycling of them
    • The promotion,  consciousness and engagement of its workers and suppliers with respect to quality and environment

    In the “improvement plan for Quality/Environment” are indicated all the further activities of improvement of the quality/environment systems. These activities point out the ways for a company development which configures in a Total Quality: all collaborators are asked to make any possible effort in order to realize the Plan because it represents the expression of continuous improvement of efficiency/effectiveness of the quality/environment managing system.

    Sacel Group has the necessary tools to reach the targets within the timings established in the quality/environment improvement Plan. They can be summarized as follows: periodical review of Quality/Environment systems with the involvement of the General Direction, the internal inspections made by Quality Assurance or by external companies and the following corrective actions to be applied on company process if some non conformities are pointed out.

    Then, is the company’s Will to establish a constructive dialogue with workers, customers, suppliers, people and authorities with periodical communications referring to its policy, activities done and results obtained in the frame of quality and environmental themes.


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