• Research/Development

    The thirty-year experience in the design and tool maker fields has enabled Sacel to develop a consolidated method of multidisciplinary cooperation.
    The teamwork between designers, engineers and specialized workmen has always guaranteed an efficient

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  • Tool Shop

    The plant located in Ozegna is dedicated to the design and construction of the toolings and equipments, in particular of progressive dies which are used for the serial production of various kind of products.

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    Thanks to the various technologies available, Sacel’s production department has the capability to produce several different kind of parts. The production lines include the metal stamping with progressive dies , plastic injection , over molding , laser

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  • Services

    Further to offer several production technologies as progressive metal stamping , plastic injection, over molding and assembly, Sacel is able to support his customer in the steps which follow the production phase with an efficient

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Sacel has always believed that the continuous evolving of the scenarios, of the technologies and of the markets in which it works, could be the spark able to light up a continuous improvement, a metamorphosis that can be translated with one word: innovation.

In Sacel value’s scale the innovation occupy a relevant place and it is thanks to the importance given to this aspect that we can define Sacel as an active company in this matter. This is furthermore proved by several new technologies entirely designed, engineered and built by Sacel which have created new kind of productive process perfectly integrated in its currently running machineries.

Roto-transfer e Autel.

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