Metal Stamping

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Metal stamping department includes 17 mechanical presses (up to 500 tons) equipped with automated line which enable the use of progressive dies. Further to these, Sacel also have hydraulic and mechanical not automated presses for the mere metal stampings. Sacel’s metal stamping process consists of well-advanced technologies as for example threading operations, bushing driving and small assembly operations performed directly inside the progressive dies in order to obtain contemporarily the finished part.  The ordinary maintenance of the progressive dies is done directly in a equipped department in San Giorgio plant while the extraordinary maintenances are performed in Ozegna plant.

Our capabilities in metal stamping are:
•    Materials: steel, inox, copper and its alloys, aluminum, titan;
•    Length: from 1 mm up to 500 mm;
•    Thickness: from 0,1 mm up to 6 mm;
•    Presses for metal stamping: from 10 t up to 500 t.

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