Tool Shop

The plant located in Ozegna is dedicated to the design and construction of the toolings and equipments, in particular of progressive dies which are used for the serial production of various kind of products.

The construction of progressive dies and of all the equipments used for the serial production takes place in Sacel’s tool shop, an advanced department equipped with EDM erosion (wire and spark), milling, grinding and turning machine tools all with CNC technology.

The possibility to have an internal tool shop entirely dedicated to the production, assemblage and maintenance of the progressive dies and all other kind of equipments, enable Sacel to assure and maintain an high constant quality level which is able to cover the whole product life.

The possibility to have the whole process under control, from first design steps, manufacturing, assembly and tools maintenance gave Sacel the possibility to always offer an higher product quality maintained all along the life of the product.

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